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Terms & Conditions

Payements terms 

  • Deposit of 50% deposit is due upon signing of catering agreement between both parties . The final balance is due thirty ( 30 ) days prior to the event date . Any payments will be applied to the toal invoice . 

  • After final payment is made all additional charges , additional equipment , menu items or services will be charged prior to the event with payment due immediately . Upon payment of the deposit , the final price is fixed and may only change due to a change in number of guests or mutually agreed upon changes in the services and products provided . 

  • Acceptable payments are PayPal , Cash or Zelle . No checks are accepted .

  • Inform L'Edito du chef of a final number of guests within thirty (30) days in advance of event . If guest count drops more than 10% pricing and labor must be recalculated . After confirmation , the number of guests may not be changed . If changes are made less than thirty (30) days upon the event , pricing will remain the same as signed between both parties .


We are not financially responsible for any items provided by customer for the event .We will only be responsible for those items and services listed on the catering agreement as provided by us . It is understood that the customer will conduct the event in full compliance with all applicable laws , ordinances and regulations and facility contract . Please note that food safety is important to L'Edito du Chef . Please inform us of any known food allergies customer or guests may have .

Caterer's performance is contingent upon the absence of accidents , every weather , or any other cause beyond the caterer's control . The caterer's assumes no responsibility in the event the event the facility is unwilling or unable to have the event take place on the event date . caterer , may , at its sole discretion , make reasonable substitutions to menu , equipment , and other services listed on the invoice .

Thank you for your interest in L'Edito du Chef . We look forward to providing you and your guests with great service in the near future ! 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any details .

Payment Methods

- Cash
- Paypal

- Zelle 

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